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How I kept my skin fresh for Fashion Week

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So everyone knows flying multiple hours on a plane, loosing sleep, landing in a foreign country, and harsh weather can make your skin do all sorts of weird things. I expected the worst for Paris fashion week, so I cam prepared. And I was seriously surprised at how great my skin stayed throughout the whole week! My secret? Hello Aglow.

Building up to Fashion Week and before my flight, I made sure to pamper my skin and keep it clean so no built-up dirt of skin cells would cause blemishes to show up later. I also took skin vitamins.

Once landing in Paris, I felt like crap. I hadn’t slept a wink throughout the 11 hour flight, and I had a horrible kink in my neck. First thing I did when arriving at our Air BnB was clean my face and mist with Hello Aglow’s Clarifying Hydrating Dew, which is so important to get all that airplane junk off your skin. (I usually keep face wipes with me for the flight for when I feel extra bleh.) This amazing “dew” is rose petal and cucumber infused anti-bacterial face mist for soothing hydration. Um, yes and yes. Everything that’s needed after a long flight and hours spent in 2 different airports.

Second, I cleansed with the Hello Aglow Radiant Cleansing Nectar with a cotton pad. It’s naturally rich in nutrients your skin will love, and gently exfoliates, refines, and detoxes pores. A must have for keeping my skin balanced in a new environment.

Third, I like to follow up with a dab of the Hello Aglow Flawless Nourishment Cream, fortified with pomegranate, pumpkin seed, and rose hip oil for lavish skin rejuvenation. This stuff is heavenly, and I use a small amount before bed and again in the morning. Rosehip is especially amazing for its anti-agains properties.

I kept a strict regimen of cleansing n the morning  and at night, and I found that my skin behaved better than ever! Even after running around in the cold, wind, and rain for a week straight. My skin survived and looks flawless. While I, on the other hand, have almost died of a cold…. I can officially say that this stuff seriously does its job, and it’s one of the prettiest skincare sets I’ve owned. Bonus!


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  • You are always so beautiful! Nice post dear 🙂 Thanks!

  • Amazing post! i liket this photo. so pretty

  • styleshop says:

    Thanks for the this beauty tip. Indeed, when travelling, women like us need to be prepared with a beauty regimen.

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    Lookbook and blog – I love you showing your sexy body dear sarah ! My dream girl ! Thank you cutie

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