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Le Soleil

All I need is l’océan, la plage, le soleil.

It’s already warming up here in SoCal. Soon enough it’ll be my favorite season again. And I’ll be happy to just find a sunny corner to lay on my Turkish towel, bake in the sun, and listen to some classic 70’s tunes while reading a book. I miss those days, as I’m forever a summer baby, and can’t survive for long without constant sunlight and warmth. And with the warm season come all the new projects I have waiting to take place, which is even more exciting.

I’m about to jump on a plane to Paris, so my mind is on the romantic rainy weather I’ll be “enduring” for Fashion Week and the month of March. And though I’m dreaming of sunny summer days, I hope I really enjoy the atmosphere of that French city.

I’ll catch up with you once we touch down in Paris! Bisous!

Bikini: For Love & Lemons | Hat: 66 the Label | Sunnies: Freyers | Towel: Buldano

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  • Jenn says:

    So Glam, Looking like BRIGITTE Bardot!!