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Tonal Style for Fall

JetsetLust KevinMurphy BeigeBlondeHairColoring4

This fall I’m so inspired to take tonal dressing to a whole new level. From warm camel to creamy beige tones in my clothes, and now even in my hair! I just warmed up my platinum blonde locks for this cozy season with the Kevin Murphy Sugared.Angel Creamy Beige Colour. I apply it in the shower for a few minutes to tone it to the color I desire, and touch up every once in a while! So easy to use, and the simplest way to take control of your hair style and give yourself a fresh new feel.

As a woman, I sometimes crave a change of hair style as often as my mood changes!!! And I know I’m not alone! What’s even better is it comes in four shades for any season, mood, or preference! So if you’re looking for a new hair tone to spice up your look a little, the Sugared.Angels are a great way to experiment!

Get your color on and find out where you can buy yours!

JetsetLust KevinMurphy BeigeBlondeHairColoring2

JetsetLust KevinMurphy BeigeBlondeHairColoring9

JetsetLust KevinMurphy BeigeBlondeHairColoring1

JetsetLust KevinMurphy BeigeBlondeHairColoring5

JetsetLust KevinMurphy BeigeBlondeHairColoring6

JetsetLust KevinMurphy BeigeBlondeHairColoring3

JetsetLust KevinMurphy BeigeBlondeHairColoring8

JetsetLust KevinMurphy BeigeBlondeHairColoring7

JetsetLust KevinMurphy BeigeBlondeHairColoring10

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  • G V says:

    Happy to see you again Sarah^^ Beautiful autumn look … looking for a song ♪)

  • Lauderlis Cloud says:

    Flashback delight, today 2 years ago ^^
    On G+V, scroll down to it )

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