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Poppy in Paris – Part I

Being a loyal wearer of Riddle Oil already, I was so excited to be able to Creative Direct, style, model and shoot the latest campaign for their Poppy line! The fragrance is already one of my favorite scents that I wear daily. It is probably the scent that aligns with my personality the most! So when doing the Storyline for the campaign, I put a little of myself into the persona of Poppy… I see this girl as a Parisian romantic, fun and flirty, energetic and lively, and confident in herself. She loves books and roaming the gardens, walking the streets of Paris, admiring the art, and dancing by candlelight.

Does this sound like your kind of girl? Then you’ll probably love Poppy just as much as I do!

Below: Part I – “Le Jardins”

And check out Part II – “L’Appartement”

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