July 2017

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Je Joue

Late summer is here, arriving like a sadly sweet song on the radio. I hold onto every honeydew moment in the sun, trying to shed my worries as much as possible and soak up these remaining summer days. July has been our absolute busiest month yet, and I realize I’ve

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Tower Eiffel

Spring in Paris at the Eiffel Tower… where blossoms scent the air, lovers picnic in the grass beyond the tower, and birds sing a bit sweeter. From morning till night in the shifting light, the tower is a constantly changing piece of art set against the horizon of the city. Tower

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Playlist: Just Chill

When it comes to my chill music, I’m so so picky. I started putting together this playlist and it actually turned out amazing, and i’ve been listening to it every day. Wether I’m working or chilling, it just has those perfect vibes and songs you learn the words to quickly

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Beach Cottage

I’ve got that summer feeling. The days are longer, the nights are sweeter, the mornings fresh and cool before the sun comes up. I live for the summertime, when my skin can soak up all the vitamin D and I get that healthy glow. If you’re ever in Orange County,

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Mon Paradis

Over the 4th of July weekend, we decided to have a Stay-Cation and hit up the adorable local Crystal Cove Beach Cottages on Monday, and then stayed home to Grill N’ Chill (is this a saying yet? Cause it should be!) on Tuesday. We lounged on our newly built back

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