June 2016

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beach baby

There are few places that make me feel as alive as I do on the beach. I am a coastal kind of girl, and can feel claustrophobic when I’m not living on the edge. Literally. I want to feel the wide open air, which feels like endless possibilities. In a past

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Riviera Festival

This week I partnered up with Topshop to bring you a summer festival look inspired by my love for French Riviera. For festivals I tend to lean towards lighter colors to stay cool, and lately I’ve really been into the pastels. Most think of the boho style when going for

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SEEN Magazine Interview

Some of you may have seen my post on Instagram about my SEEN Magazine feature, but I finally got the pages up on the blog here for you to read the interview! I talk a bit about my life as a blogger, how it all started, my travels, and my relationship

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French Countryside

As I explore new styles, I’ve been heavily inspired by everything French, past and present. The rich culture evident in their style, and certain je ne sais quoi, is definitely a real thing. If there’s one thing I’m picking up from their great taste, it’s that less can be more. Effortless is sexy.

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How to Survive the Instagram Update

If you read my last post about the update here, you’ll have a better idea of what is going on, and why you might be noticing huge changes in your followers interaction on Instagram. I’ve been doing some heavy research on the matter. Some people out there might want to keep

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The New Instagram

We’ve all heard about the new Instagram Algorithm, the thing all small businesses and Instagram personalities are fearing the most. After the huge cry of outrage once the world heard about what Instagram planned to do to us, Instagram promised they would hear us out and would only roll out

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Made in LA

Pre-Coachella we were busy as could be, connecting with brands, picking up products to wear to the music festival, and attending all the festival parties. It was a solid week of being in and out of LA- exploring, shooting, being stuck in traffic, meeting new people, and having an exhaustingly

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The New Boho

Boho has been my style since before it even hit the main stream. I’ve associated myself with the bohemian flair and gypsy lifestyle for some time, and living full time on the road gives me the opportunity to experience micro cultures and trends around the country. I’m always adopting new

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Fleurs par la Mer

I’ve been talking lately about taking time for yourself, and relating what I do personally. This was another one of those rare photoshoots that I went out without a plan in mind, which always ends up producing some of my favorite photos. I had been waiting for the perfect weather to

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