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French Countryside


As I explore new styles, I’ve been heavily inspired by everything French, past and present. The rich culture evident in their style, and certain je ne sais quoi, is definitely a real thing. If there’s one thing I’m picking up from their great taste, it’s that less can be more. Effortless is sexy. And adding a bit of romanticism, however you decide to translate it, can take your look to a whole new level.

For me, it’s wearing something simple with a hint of the old days, maybe a little French Countryside inspired. Taking it easy on the jewelry, donning only a ribbon or choker necklace. And using that daily bedhead to my advantage- a nod to my muse Brigitte Bardot. You can dress it up, or dress it down. Wear it anytime, even to pick wildflowers on the hillside at dusk.

The French have a carefree attitude, which I think shows in their choice of wardrobe. I always aim for comfort and ease, while keeping it unique to my personal taste. I like to stand out from the crowd, so even on my errand days, I want my comfy outfits to express my personal style. And taking on the “less is more” approach is sweet and refreshing, after so many years layering up for the infamous boho look I was known for.

This inspiration I’ve found in the French culture has been influencing me on more levels than just fashion, sneaking into my daily life, and some of my big upcoming projects and ventures. I’ve got my dreams written down on paper, and exciting things are in the works! Some of which you may glean from a few articles and interviews I’ve been featured in. I like to keep everything a surprise, though. So you’ll just have to wait, and keep your eyes on my blog and Instagram for any hints of what’s to come!

PS- I know I haven’t been posting much on the Travel front, as we’ve become quite at home in the Orange County area of California. It’s sort of a R&R phase for me before the next big chapter for us and the blog. We’ve mostly been shooting near the ocean, so it was nice to get away from that for this post and shoot where we’ve actually been living the last few months. Which is out in the middle of nowhere in a canyon! This place has been like a retreat, with the lovely (and frustrating) side effect of no cell service or wifi 80% of the time. An escape from the business of the world, which is something Josh and I need regularly with the amount of travel and change we experience. But I’m so excited for the new adventures coming up!


Dress: Arnhem the Label
Market Basket: The Vintage Tree
Shoes: J Shoes


















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