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Matrix Hair

Lately my hair has been acting so weird and I have no idea what’s going on! Is it the weather in LA? I’ve been shopping around for new products to try, and was happy to try out 3 Matrix products this month! Here’s the low down on my current hair situation, and which of the

Look Chic in Luxe Lace

I couldn’t feel more chic in my latest favorite outfit. Luxe Lace, my recent shoe find, and coordinating black accessories against a white ensemble… it’s all so good! It takes me right back to Paris and spending a golden afternoon in one of the many gardens of the city… Sipping on lattes from Café Kitsune


Somehow I always come back to loving this nude/blush/mauve sort of color scheme and it always reflects in my wardrobe and editing. I think it’s one of the most flattering tones that match any complexion, and goes with really any season. In an earlier blog post I styled some River Island looks straight off their

City Vibing

Most of you aren’t lucky enough to be strutting around your city sans snow storms right now. So let me tell you about how great the weather and vibes are here in SoCal, and share a playlist that’s been the background noise to my city vibes! I was so excited to get to work with


Having tried out Dolce & Gabbana’s L’impératrice 3, I immediately fell in love. The packaging is chic and minimal, and the smell is 100% me. I tend to lean towards more unique, rare scents. One that someone wouldn’t recognize easily. I personally find light, slightly floral, fruity scents fit my personality and this one meshes with

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