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Sand Dunes

Back when we were in Ventura, we camped in our airstream at the very edge of Carpentieria beach. Though it was pricey, it was worth it to literally step out our door and into the sand. To be able to climb over a sand dune and stare into the glistening ocean. It was one of

Haight x Ashbury

I finally bring you my day 2 post from our San Francisco adventures! We hit up the famous Haight x Ashbury, and it did not disappoint. Well, the first day it rained and we got literally nowhere with our exploring. But day 2 proved to be SO much better! The sun was out, and so

Crystal Cove

We discovered a little slice of paradise down at the Crystal Cove in Newport, CA. I’d been waiting for the perfect place to wear my Spell Paradiso Jumpsuit and this was the perfect fit! We were there two days shooting for some work, so we managed to capture a little bit of beachy goodness for the

Mermaid Hair Necessities

When I went platinum blonde, I had to give up on curling my hair. Between the dryness of my bleached hair, and the length of time it took to hold the iron in to actually curl my long locks, it would cause too much damage. That’s why I’m so happy to share my new favorite styling

Irresistible Locks

One might ask why a girl with hair past her hips could want hair extensions? One word… volume! You can’t beat the lusciousness of adding some silky locks into the mix. I don’t usually rave about products unless I’ve tried them out for a while and can honestly say I love these blonde extensions! I got

Blue Laguna

The turquoise and blue waters of Laguna stole my heart the moment I set eyes on it. I watched the waves hit the rocks from the top of the cliff. Below me the colors swirled and the water glistened so bright it was blinding. Off in the distance a whale made its presence known, blowing water through

blue bay

Returning to the Pirate’s Cove to shoot for Sea Gypsies was inevitable, with it’s hidden nooks and coves waiting to be explored. It’s like a mermaid’s getaway. The rocks are my favorite part, standing from the top and looking down over the blue bay. The grooves of the weathered stones provide such an interesting sight.

Pirate’s Cove 2

Part 2 of our Road South campaign shoot at Pirate’s Cove, featuring some brands I’m currently in love with! It has been an absolute dream forgetting that it’s winter here. When you wake up hot and baked by the sun in the morning, then open the windows to let the cool morning breeze in… that is

Pirate’s Cove

Lately my mind has been lost in dreams of palm trees, sandy coves, and beach textures. I can happily admit we’ve been watching all the classic island movies each night, from Robinson Crusoe to The Blue Lagoon. And each morning I wake up with fresh inspiration for blog adventures and photo shoot ideas. My inspiration

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