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Haight x Ashbury


I finally bring you my day 2 post from our San Francisco adventures! We hit up the famous Haight x Ashbury, and it did not disappoint. Well, the first day it rained and we got literally nowhere with our exploring. But day 2 proved to be SO much better! The sun was out, and so were all the people.

The street was vibrant and alive with colors and patterns. Naturally, my first initiative when arriving to this crazy hippie street was to find Boba. Thai Tea Boba. My current addiction. Then sipping on that, we wandered Haight Street and explored all the shops, and mostly people watched. There was so much going on in this little corner of San Francisco, it’s hard to gather the words to describe it. That’s why I always capture photos!

It was only fitting that I matched the scene, with slight gypsy vibes and maybe some pirate flare in there. I magically pulled together a menagerie of patterns into one outfit, and kept it comfy and street worthy with my go-to comfy Manitobah boots. I went analog, styling my Daniel Wellington watch with the outfit. Who would have thought watches would become so trendy again? I find the bit of nostalgia with wearing one a reminder to live more in the moment, and rely less on technology.

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Vest: Nothing on TV Vintage
Tee: Boho Circus
Scarf: Shovava
Bells: Novella Royale
Bag: Pachamama Bohemian
Boots: Manitobah
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Necklace: Artifacts Jewelry












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  • Brandy says:

    Perfect pattern mixing! I’ve been to the Haight only once thrift shopping, the stores are packed but I only bought one embroidered peasant blouse. My friend Chris was just telling me last night how he wants a jacket like Josh’s, must be doing it right!

  • Shayote says:

    Heya Sarah!
    Would love to request one of your 2016 festival kits?!!
    Would so love to collaborate with you this year!!