January 2016

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The last month has been a whirlwind of city streets and coastal beaches. We have set up home base for a short while in Costa Mesa, which I’ve decided is the perfect spot to be when everything interesting is within an hour’s drive or less. Whether it’s north up to

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sea blues

Have you guys been keeping your new year’s resolutions in mind? I wrote down very detailed list of resolutions a while before the new year, driven by the desire to continue creating the healthy, happy life I want to live. I felt like I was slipping away from that, becoming

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put your records on

Some days I just have to take a day off, put on the record player, and allow my mind to relax. It’s crucial as an artist to have time to tune out, and allow rest and rejuvenation to happen, so that new creative thoughts can be born. We forget in

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10 Tips for a Better Instagram

I get so many comments and emails with questions about my Instagram feed. From how I have so many followers, to how I keep my feed professional looking. There are some simple key points to keep in mind when trying to create a better Instagram account, and I cover the most important

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On and on we drove through rolling green hills and mist, rain glossing the black country roads that led down the little peninsula where the Pint Reyes Shipwreck lay beached on the sand. It was a spot I’d known of for years, and to be able to finally visit this

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smoke and rain

Another large campaign we shot for Bloody Mary Metal Jewelry, amidst the giant Redwood trees and along the Jedediah Smith River. It was the first time in a long time I’ve been in something other than desert or beach. The forest was dark and mysterious, and though it rained every

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I finally had a day to bring you a blog post with the whole campaign we shot for Bohemi jewelry. I just love these photos. We were wandering around the Redwoods and Crescent City area when we found this little meadow that turned amber with the light of the setting sun.

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We were rolling through golden hills dotted with gnarly cottonwood trees, after a day of driving through the first day of sunshine and California farmland. The roads were smooth. The atmosphere was mellow. It was one of those blissful Saturdays. After weeks of rain, the sun and clear skies turned

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2015 Recap

It’s time for our 2015 Recap video! Bringing back all the memories from our adventures this past year, with life on the road. Just 2 lovers, a 1972 Airstream, and making friends along the way. I couldn’t have expected all the places we’ve gone and experiences we’ve had. All the highs

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