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Have you guys been keeping your new year’s resolutions in mind? I wrote down very detailed list of resolutions a while before the new year, driven by the desire to continue creating the healthy, happy life I want to live. I felt like I was slipping away from that, becoming so ruled by things that didn’t matter in the long run. More importantly, I was being controlled by things that didn’t even matter to me.

I think this is so important to realize. You don’t get many opportunities to take a good look at your life when you’re busy everyday, stressed, or rushed. Our society has trained us to think that everything has to happen immediately. Everything has to be on time. Everyone needs to be working their entire week with 2 very short days of freedom. I’ve pretty much disagreed with this since I was a child. It felt wrong. I felt like the world was trying to control who I could be and keep me from taking the time to explore myself, and what I wanted. Luckily I’m very headstrong and I usually just push forward for what I feel like I’m meant to do. I strongly believe that your PASSION is your CALLING. Do what you love, and you’ll never “work” a day in your life.

If we all did the jobs we felt called to, wouldn’t everyone be in their right place in the world? Isn’t that how humanity is supposed to function? Aren’t we gifted with talents and passions to do something that is engrained on our hearts? I believe that is for the a reason, for a healthy functioning society.

So what does it take to make the first step? Maybe changing the entire way the world functions is near impossible…

But YOU can be happy!

First step? Learn to take time.

This lesson is so important. I’m trying to learn it better every day, amidst the madness of life. From rushing around, traveling non-stop, working for myself, working with sometimes 30 brands at once, planning ahead, editing, maintaining the blog… the list goes on and on. I have to just take time for myself and breathe. Because does all this madness really matter in the end? Does it change lives for the better or worse? Or just yours?

You may feel guilty for it. You may feel like you’re not using your time wisely. You may feel pressured to stop “being selfish” and do something else. I’m learning and pushing myself to change how I view my “selfish” time. I don’t need to feel guilty. It is so healthy, to allow the brain and the heart to reconnect and re-sync. To breathe and let the world slip away. This first step is the only way to get to the second, and to find out what kind of life you want to create for yourself.

“The ones who gave up are the ones employed by the 3% who didn’t.”


Top: Boho Circus
Shorts: Fearless and Flawed
Pullover: Thrills Co.
Pillows: Atlas Secrets by Najlae
Towel: Vagabond Beach



















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