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smoke and rain


Another large campaign we shot for Bloody Mary Metal Jewelry, amidst the giant Redwood trees and along the Jedediah Smith River. It was the first time in a long time I’ve been in something other than desert or beach. The forest was dark and mysterious, and though it rained every day and slowed us down a bit, it didn’t stop us from creating some magic for this campaign. I felt the dark, rich colors needed to be complemented with folk patterns and bohemian attire, so I styled patterns on patterns for a Folk Boho style.

At the time we were shooting the second outfit, we hiked across the huge rocks that made up the riverbeds, heading upstream until we found the perfect spot. I knew I wanted to sit on one of the huge moss covered boulders and frame the view of the river behind me. It started raining as soon as we set up the shot, so we had to quickly climb to another big boulder to hide underneath while waiting for the rain to slow. When it finally did, we continued shooting, only getting a little damp amidst the light raindrops. But the moment I lit the sage smudge stick, the scent combined with the fresh rainy air cleansed my mind and put me in a peaceful zen while modeling. I realized just how great my surroundings were. They were ancient trees, the cleanest river in America with emerald waters, and we alone in the great expanse of nature. It’s moments like these I crave, the feelings I had when I was young and found magic under every rock and in every tree nook. It reminded me how I used to crave the mysterious seclusion of the forest back when we lived on the east coast surrounded by lush green. It was rejuvenating in a way I hadn’t experienced in a while, and I highly recommend bringing your own sage to your next rainy outing into nature. Get lost and leave the world behind for a bit. Emerge your senses fully into your surroundings for a full body and soul cleanse.


Jewelry: Bloody Mary Metal
Red Dress: Raga LA
Leather Hat: Free People
Boots: Manitobah
Patterned Blouse: West Kei
Patterned Bells & Cream Jacket: Raga LA
Patterned Sweater & Sweater Bells: Odd Molly
Graphic Tank: Chaser Brand
Heels: J Shoes
Mug: Urban Outfitters







































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