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Fall Style Guide – River Island

During my Fashion Week outfit planning, I perused the River Island store like crazy, gathering inspiration for looks inspired by European cities and the latest fashion trends. I put together a style guide for myself, which inspired a few of my FW looks, which you might recognize! The rest I keep in a file on

Paris Fashion Week SS18 Trend

At Paris Fashion Week I was exposed to some of the upcoming trends for next year, and there’s one I find intriguing and have already been experimenting with. What used to be a fashion no-no has become a new fashion statement. I believe it’s thanks to the latest Dior bralette with the signature wife white

Paris with Brandy Melville

So I know I just got back from Paris (again) and have all new content, but there is still so much content from our last trip there, which I’ll be releasing as well! Somehow this post got saved as a draft and never released, so here it finally is! On this day I met up

Sarah Loven the Louvre, Paris Fashion Week

PFW : Rahul Mishra + Louvre

I’m so excited to share a day from our Paris Fashion Week SS18 adventure! From morning photoshoots outside the Louvre, to getting down to my skivvies in the gardens, lunch at Cafe Paul, and then off to the Rahul Mishra fashion show… it was a day packed full of adventure! the Louvre and PFW: RAHUL

Averr Aglow

With new seasons come new things. Our blog got a rebrand (from Ready Gypset Go to Jetset Lust), and so did my favorite skincare brand! Formerly known as Hello Aglow, Averr Aglow still remains one of my go-to skincare lines that I use every day. I promise you, with everything I’ve tried, I’ve narrowed down my

Blogging 101: Mastering the Flat Lay

Flat Lays are sort of the bread and butter content for bloggers. Its our way of making a boring product photo feel relatable and less commercial. When you have to shoot as many products as us, it’s one of the go-to options for churning out content quickly and breaking up the monotonous model photos on

Cobblestone Paris

My stay with Cobblestone Paris during my recent trip was probably THE best experience! It’s very easy to talk about because it was literally perfect. So I’ll just share a bit about our days while staying at their Le Passage Du Marais apartment. Cobblestone Paris We met up with David, the charming Cobblestone Greeter who

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