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Paris with Brandy Melville

So I know I just got back from Paris (again) and have all new content, but there is still so much content from our last trip there, which I’ll be releasing as well! Somehow this post got saved as a draft and never released, so here it finally is!

On this day I met up with Brandy Melville photographer, Cammy Grace, for a day exploring all that is Paris and capturing it in photos and film. We had too much fun laughing at the ridiculous cold and wind, and the tourists photobombing or straight up asking for photos with me! Though it was actually quite frigid and gloomy, we managed to work together to create this pretty little campaign, and such good memories!

I styled the Brandy Melville looks with Cammy’s Vintage Levi’s, my little Bebe dome purse, and some other personal items that, I think, added that touch of je ne sais quoi. I couldn’t resist styling a beret with the striped top- one of my favorite looks.

From Luxembourg Palace, Le Marais, and the Eiffel Tower, to the Louvre, Inception Bridge, and Arc de Triomphe. We made pit stops at for cafes and croissants at Paul and Tuileries, too. We wrapped the day with fresh pizza and pasta with the crew at one of my fav restaurants in the city- Vapiano on Champs Elysées, a Euro-chic chain for pastas, pizzas & more, ordered cafeteria-style in modern environs with a bar. The one on Champs is 3 stories with all the cozy corners to curl up next to indoor trees and herbs, and down buzz away from city noise. We went twice in one trip because it was just that good… oh man, the vibes!

If you haven’t seen our Brandy Melville video, be sure to check it out for more of the adventures from this day!

Read More to see all the photos captured by Cammy Grace (aka Trousseaux)!





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