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Paris Fashion Week SS18 Trend

01SarahLoven Paris Trends

At Paris Fashion Week I was exposed to some of the upcoming trends for next year, and there’s one I find intriguing and have already been experimenting with.

What used to be a fashion no-no has become a new fashion statement. I believe it’s thanks to the latest Dior bralette with the signature wife white straps with black text that garnered a new appreciation for bra straps. And area of clothing that was usually shunned and avoided.

With bra straps exposed (or even the whole bra, if you’re brace enough), I tackled the trend and figured out the right vs. wrong way to do it…

Tip: not any bra with straps goes with any outfit.

Showing your straps takes just as much styling as an accessory. You want to:

1. Coordinate colors- sticking with neutrals or black & white usually has the best success.

2. Decide on what kind of top- off the shoulders are the easiest, but you can look at all your tops with interesting necklines and sleeves/straps to start your styling process.

3. Decide on what kind of straps- not all bra straps are pretty enough to show! If you want to remain looking out together and not just lazy, choose a bra with unique and clean straps. Experiment with wide straps vs. skinny, black vs. white, lace vs. solid. Think of it not only as layering, but like how you would even style a necklace (length vs. neckline).

Even showing a peek at the top of your bra (bustier fit being recommended) adds a little sensual elegance that reminds me of corset and gown days.

What’s important, is the straps or bra should look like part of your outfit, and NOT a careless accident. I think it can look so chic when done right! See some PFW photos below if you need further convinced.


If you are as excited about this new trend as I am, check out the interesting bras you can shop below to get the perfect jump start on this trend! I know I won’t be waiting till spring, as I think this trend could look adorable under sweaters too!

Read more to see how I styled the trend in Paris, and shop the look!

04SarahLoven Paris Trends

05SarahLoven Paris JetsetLust

Nextdoornomad Paris Jetsetlust

02SarahLoven Paris Trends

09SarahLoven Paris JetsetLust

08SarahLoven Paris JetsetLust

03SarahLoven Paris Trends

07SarahLoven Paris JetsetLust

Nextdoornomad Paris Jetsetlust02

06SarahLoven Paris JetsetLust

19SarahLoven wanders Paris streets

20SarahLoven wanders Paris streets

21SarahLoven wanders Paris streets

11SarahLoven wanders Paris streets

14SarahLoven wanders Paris streets

12SarahLoven wanders Paris streets

15SarahLoven wanders Paris streets

10SarahLoven Paris JetsetLust

13SarahLoven wanders Paris streets

16SarahLoven wanders Paris streets

17SarahLoven wanders Paris streets

18SarahLoven wanders Paris streets

Top: Lust & Stardust | Pants & Purse: Reserved Clothing | Shoes: River Island | Lip Color: ColorPop x Sonya Esman



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