April 2015

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Coachella | Day 1 – Outfit 2

Coachella Day 1, outfit 2. Desert dust and clear blue skies. It was beautiful, and unbearably hot! We trekked from the campgrounds to the venue, following the crowd to the ferris wheel in the distance. We wondered if we would ever make it. It felt like the longest walk of

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Coachella | Day 1 – Outfit 1

Coachella Day 1!!! As I split each Coachella outfit into its own post, I’ll share some of our adventures from those days. Here’s one of three outfits from the first scorching hot day. (A girl has to have her options!) I partnered with FLOGGs to take on Coachella 2015. I

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West Hollywood

  The day before Coachella we ventured up to West Hollywood to meet up with some brands in preparation for the festival. It was so great to meet some people behind the FLOGGs brand, as well as drop by for a studio visit at Raga LA! You can catch a

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The Road is Home

  We are out west again. It’s been a couple years, and I can remember little details of the landscape we passed then, the mountains I couldn’t stop staring at, the endless open road. It’s the same, but we are different. It’s a beautiful thing, revisiting adventures from the past,

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Go Your Own Way

Go your own way. Dance to the beat of your own drum. The best feeling ever is knowing that you are doing 100% what you love. Following that calling deep inside. Be you and nobody else. I’m so excited to be headed to Coachella 2015, and dancing the days away

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Healthy Breakfast Coconut Bowl

Chilling and eating one of these coconut bowls makes living a healthy life so delicious. I try to keep it creative while also making it as easy as possible. Because most the time I don’t have the patience to make anything to complicated. But there’s a beauty in simplicity, and keeping

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Making Waves

For a while in Florida we pretty much lived as beach bums and slightly homeless vagabonds, and it was great. I may be broken, cause there’s nothing that makes my my spirit soar quite like having nothing to tie us down, and no place to call home. There’s hardly any

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Girl of the North

Before we completely delve into spring, I just wanted to bring back this beautiful bohemian coat from Girl of the Sun! One of my favorite pieces I’ve styled, the detail is just stunning with the embroidery and the hand beaded emblem on the back. Faux fur makes it vegan friendly and

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