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West Hollywood


The day before Coachella we ventured up to West Hollywood to meet up with some brands in preparation for the festival. It was so great to meet some people behind the FLOGGs brand, as well as drop by for a studio visit at Raga LA! You can catch a glimpse of their studio on my Instagram. I just love meeting the creatives who work behind the scenes of the brands I wear, it’s such a pleasure to connect personally see how the brand works.

*sitting in coachella tent writing this post* *meanwhile, neighbors wake up and exchange stories of drunken adventures last night*

I’m so excited to share our #RGGtoCoachella adventures from the festival! Though I wanted to have my Coachella posts go up daily, unfortunately my iPad got crushed while camping, so bear with me as we work to get back on track! I have so many photos and videos of our experiences to share!




Playsuit: Cotton Candy LA
Sandals: FLOGGs
Bag: Gypsy Sole / Winds of Change
Necklace: Sunhara Malibu
Sunglasses: vintage

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