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The Road is Home


We are out west again. It’s been a couple years, and I can remember little details of the landscape we passed then, the mountains I couldn’t stop staring at, the endless open road. It’s the same, but we are different. It’s a beautiful thing, revisiting adventures from the past, adding onto those memories like adding another chapter of book. I remember why I loved this so much. This was why we started Ready Gypset Go.

While on the road we’ve had to learn how to adapt. It’s not always easy. Not only can things go wrong, but traveling long distances can take a toll on your health and even your psyche.

I decided to share a little post about my Road Trip Essentials for my fellow nomads out there! Read on to find out!


The Roadtrip Essentials:

1. Choose your bag. I love huge bags and the ability to keep everything in one designated place during a trip. So a medium to large weekender bag is a must have.

2. Hair necessities. For me, tangling is a daily struggle. I keep hair ties, a Wet Brush (good for in shower too), and leave in conditioner spray in my bag to freshen up my locks whenever needed and prevent the dreaded tangles. If you have more oily scalp, you might want to pack dry shampoo.

3. Body necessities. Let’s face it, hours in a vehicle can really make it hard to feel fresh and comfortable. I keep a pack of Aloe cleansing wipes for cleaning off the old fashioned way, deodorant, my favorite lotion, and a small nail kit with nail trimmers, nail file, and tweasers. Because you WILL break a nail at some point and it gets annoying real fast!

4. Beauty must haves. Your skin can take a beating and traveling makes the blemishes turn up at unwelcome times. I use my Aloe wipes for cleaning oils or makeup off my face during the day or before bed. I also use my favorite lotion right after to stay moisturized. Depending on your vehicle you may get a lot of su through your window which can leave you with a one-sided tan. I keep some spray on sunscreen nearby for my hands when holding onto the steering wheel, or my arm, legs or feet that are getting sun.

5. Health needs. It’s early hard to stay healthy on a trip, but it’s best to fight the desire to grab those snacks because your digestion can get whacky while sitting for long drives. First, keep Healy munchies at heand, because bored eating does happen. Nuts, dried fruits, hummus and pita chips. Healthy drinks such as tea, kombucha, some commercial smooie drinks from Bolthouse farms, or simply squeeze a lemon wedge into your water bottle, which is helpful for cleansing your system and staying hydrated. Coconut water also curbs your appetite so you don’t get as intense munchies. I keep a bottle of tums in my bag for when the food doesn’t sit right, or some crystallized ginger for aiding in digestion. I also suggest keeping a travel bottle of mouthwash in your bag which your Roadtrip buddy will thank you for.

6. Psyche essentials. Then if your surviving on all other fronts, it’s easy to get dazed and confused, or downright anxious with all the time spent pent up. I keep a little bottle of lavender coconut oil to apply to temples and pulse points for some headache/stress relief, and aroma therapy. Prepare a few different music playlists for fun upbeat or relaxed driving. Download a few shows or movies on your mobile device to help pass the time or listen to an audio book while driving at night.  But more importantly, escape from your mobile devices and enjoy the landscape a little!

7. Added comfort. I’ve learned you can never have enough pillows. Bring a blanket so you can stay warm if someone wants more AC on. A small pillow for your lower lumbar support may be a must have if you’re driving all day. Fuzzy socks if your feet get cold. Shoes that slip on easily. Loose fitting clothes that double as PJs. Sand if your have. A big enough vehicle, an air mattress or futon mattress can be great for quick pit stops for cat naps! Having power converter is also necessary for charging your devices in the go.

So that’s about it! Anyone taking a Roadtrip soon? What is your Roadtrip must have?

Ps. Stay tuned for my next post covering what I’m bringing in my bag to Coachella!

1 thought on “The Road is Home”

  1. So excited for you and that you’re coming out West! Amennnnn to the larger bag. I always run into that problem while traveling…I want to stick magazines, chargers, everything in one. A big purse=must

    Fuzzy socks, pillows, and blankies…makes me want to go on a long road trip! Enjoy and have an AMAZE TIME AT COACHELLA!