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Coachella | Day 1 – Outfit 1


Coachella Day 1!!! As I split each Coachella outfit into its own post, I’ll share some of our adventures from those days.
Here’s one of three outfits from the first scorching hot day. (A girl has to have her options!)

I partnered with FLOGGs to take on Coachella 2015. I wore the ultra comfy shoes for each of my outfits, and though I was a mile tall, my feet didn’t hurt for a second. (If you want to opt for less height, you have many options for heel size, or no heel- as I wore here.)

This was our first time at the festival, and it was such a crazy ride. It was simultaneously what I expected, and not at all. Three days in this musical wonderland has an effect on you. Your senses are basically on overload the moment you arrive. First you cross the desert to get there, a scorching hot 30 minute walk where you start to wonder if you wore way too much clothing. But then… you get in and you swim through the sound waves. The air is physically buzzing from the Yuma tent’s music when you walk in. Your heart is possibly beating out of your chest with excitement but you can’t tell over the bumping bass…

There’s a sea of people coming at you from all directions, all day. Colors are vivid and the art installations are magical. During the day we spent most the time shooting and wandering across the “Coachella-Scape” as I’ve dubbed it. It takes a while to walk from place to place, and if you’re new like us, you spend a lot of time being lost and turned around on the first day.

But we survived quite well, making it into evening where the heat finally lets off and you can get ready for the excitement of the night. Although there were lots of bands we wanted to see each day, getting yourself to the stage was more difficult than you’d think. On day 1 we saw Sylvan Esso, who’s music I came to love the end of last year. She is such a unique person and performer, and her music is fun and perfect for dancing and singing along.

Following her we made it to see Lykke Li, who I’ve always been intrigued by for her odd style and dark music. Her stage was beautifully decorated with wispy black material than swayed and morphed with the smoke on stage. It was an otherworldly experience.

Stay tuned for more about Day 1 with my next posts!


Dress, bag, arm cuff: Raga LA
Shoes: FLOGGs
Hat & bra: Free People
Black Shorts: PYLO
Choker: Brielle Belle
Necklace: Live Iratik
Bindi: Bindi World
Moonstone Cuff & Ring, Pearl Chevron Ring: Torchlight Jewelry
Feather Earring: The Feather Junkie
Temp Tats: Flash Tattoos
Crescent Moons Ring: Tribe Jewelry
Sunglasses: Winds of Change
















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