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Having tried out Dolce & Gabbana’s L’impératrice 3, I immediately fell in love. The packaging is chic and minimal, and the smell is 100% me. I tend to lean towards more unique, rare scents. One that someone wouldn’t recognize easily. I personally find light, slightly floral, fruity scents fit my personality and this one meshes with my body perfectly.

If you didn’t already know, a scent changes when it mixes with your skin, blood, and body scent. It may smell one way on someone, and different on someone else. I think that makes the whole world of perfumes such a magical mystery. Hunting down the ones you love is intriguing!

I’m so acutely aware of smells that it is important to me, and to feeling good, that I find a scent and wear it daily. I have a few that I mainly stick to, but right now my heart belongs to The Empress. I think it’s the perfect scent going into the new year, and soon spring. The notes that I smell the most are the melon and floral, with a hint of musk. It’s so feminine and unique that I think it demands to be noticed, but it’s over the top. A more detailed scent that your average shopping mall perfume. If someone sprayed me in the face with L’impératrice 3, I wouldn’t even mind, haha! And I’m not sponsored to say this.

Inspired to smell, dress, live, and love like an Empress.

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Lingerie (corset): Yandy | Satin Bottoms: Kokon Intimates | Perfume: Dolce & Gabanna







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