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NYE – Getting Personal

Sarah Loven wear's BCBG NYE Outfit

As 2017 comes to a close (ummmm, howww?!), I revisited my list of resolutions I wrote down last year, as I’m an avid note maker (can’t survive without them!). I was surprised to see what I wrote, as it really spoke to me. Some of these things I’ve really improved since I wrote them down, and it makes me realize how much I’ve grown. I can get emotional thinking about the crazy adventures from each year past, seeing how far we’ve come in what feels like such a short amount of tme. The year honestly does go flying by, and if there’s one thing I’ve strived to do, it’s to not waste a minute of it.

I did write some new goals and aspirations for 2018, but I wanted to share my Resolutions from the end of 2016/beginning of 2017, and carry them on into this new year too. It’s personal and very raw, and maybe you’ll find some inspiration in there too.

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2016-2017 (& 2018!) Resolutions

1. Tend to my mind, body, and soul at all times. If I’m feeling unfulfilled, or unwell, ask what part I’m forgetting and what I can do to balance my life out. Even with simple daily routines and changes I can make.

2. Live first. It’s the only thing that matters. Learn to let go of everything (include blogging & brands, but don’t let them take over my life). Simplify as much as I can. Do what I want/wake up and go for the experiences. Then share that. It’s more authentic that way, anyway.

3. Smile. Be authentic, be light, be enigmatic. Share my energy. DANCE. Laugh and get my blood flowing. Happiness is contagious.

4. Have me time. Be healthy. Take care of my body and needs. Invest in “spoiling” myself with grooming and working out. Eat yummy healthy things. Enjoy taking care of myself and FEEL GOOD for it. Work on myself. “If you want to find the goddess within, worship her.”

5. Take a moment each day to sink into bliss and/or fiery love. Find what inspires me or what wakes up the love in me that day, and let it be the course for the rest of the day. Let my passions fuel and energize me everyday.

6. LIVE the dream, don’t dream of life! Take whatever I have (no matter how little), and use it as fuel to go make my dreams happen! “Money is just a barbell packed with the weight of your own choosing.”

7. Be so irrevocably and unapologetically me that I become untouchable, with no self-consciousness or doubts to get in my way. Let that uniqueness catch people’s eye so I can inspire them and be fulfilled by doing so.

8. Invigorate all my senses. Put on perfume to inspire sensuality, light candles to play to my sense of smell. Surround myself with beauty and simple pleasures that inspire. Wear things that make me feel confident. Touch things that make me feel comfort. Taste things that awaken my taste buds and senses. Read things that inspire my spirit. Write things that inspire my soul.

9. Just BE around people in a public setting, dress up for myself, and feel like a part of the human race. Breathe air into the embers.

10. Listen to my body, its cravings and its needs! What to eat, when to rest, when to push through. Most importantly, listen to my gut feelings! They are always right.

11. Do what I feel like doing in that moment, as crazy or tame as it may sound. Go ahead and err on the more eccentric side, because I know that’s who I am! Don’t tame myself, and don’t be afraid to be the artist I am!

12. Experience the world. See new places, learn new languages and love the cultures. Find secret life lessons in every hidden corner, repurpose the world’s beauty into your own art. Live everywhere and anywhere!

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5U9A5830Dress: BCBG | Heels: J. Reneé | Coat: Lioness | Belt: Zara



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