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Christmas 2017


This holiday season has been a blur of photoshoots, parties, driving all around SoCal, and endless styling (my favorite part)! With all the client content I was creating, I barely got a moment to create something for myself. So here I am on Christmas Eve, having shot the lingerie look below and edited last minute work, and now writing up this blog post before wrapping up the day with mint hot chocolate and a Christmas movie in bed.

When I think of what to write, what to tell you in this post, so much comes to mind that I can’t narrow it down. We are days away from a whole new year, and I couldn’t be more excited. When I’ve been on the go so much, I realize how I love the business. I was made to be constantly doing new things, seeking new adventures and experiencing people and places. I want to create create create. (Maybe it would be easier if I had a team working behind me to keep up with all the work and new ideas!) I have more going on behind the scenes that I can tell you about right now, because I’m saving it for New Years. We’ve been hustling all season and now I’m ready to see the fruits of our labor… to show YOU what we’ve made! I hope you’re ready for it??!

So, here’s to a MERRY CHRISTMAS! And a season to reflect on love, family, dreams and aspirations, before we start a new chapter.

Happy holidays…. WE LOVE YOU!

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Sweater Tunic: River Island | Boots: ALDO | Beret: Enjoué Collectif | Lingerie: Yandy





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