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Mad for Mauve

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This fall, I realized I started gravitating towards dusty pastels. With the heat sticking around thanks to Indian Summer, and the Cali lifestyle holding on to summer, I felt like typical fall colors were just not working for me. When shooting this For Love & Lemons series, I cozied up in this sweater, and just couldn’t stop thinking how much I loved the color for fall! It’s still light enough of a color to fit my pastel loving aesthetic, and warm/neutral enough to seem cozy and earthy for fall. I had been struggling to figure out my vision for fall and my wardrobe after such long summer months, and my mauve discovery took me in a new direction I was excited to explore.

What’s great about mauve, is it really comes in many shades and tones, and pairs¬†well with just about anything. Greys, beiges, champagnes, black or white- I keep styling it with many different looks and loving it every time! I think it’s safe to say I’m mad for mauve this season. You’ll see it tinting the photos of my blog and Instagram with warmth, and soft, neutral pastel shades.

Have you tried this color yet? I think it’s one of my favorite takes on a fall trend this year!


Intimates & Sweater: For Love & Lemons
“S” Necklace: Ariel Gordon
Lipstick: Color Pop Cosmetics

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  • Paulynagore says:

    Sexy and cozy in the same time! I like that combo!

  • As a lingerie addict, I can definitely say that this piece is a stunner.
    Loooove the pictures too – very playful and classy at the same time

    xxx, Eva

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