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Lost in a moment of thought… I took a break from social media. It was meant to be a few days in order to finish the re-brand of the new blog, but it turned into 2 weeks of no posting. No stalking my social media notifications. No hand cramps from living on my iPhone. No headaches over what’s going on in the Instagram world. It was equal parts good and bad, as I was going absolutely insane from not creating new content and interacting with people. That is a part of my daily routine, which has been my life this last year.

But within a week, I got over it. I got focused on the new projects we were queuing up for release. And I found some spare time to explore some of my old passions- like writing. I miss writing. I opened a door into my past and spent a night reading all of my old poetry. I got a glimpse of the person I was when I was young… 18 seems so young now when I get to peer into my thoughts from so many years ago. Gosh, I’m only 26, but it put some perspective on how my perspective has changed!

One night, in a fit of passion, I made a secret Instagram account. (This was recently, by the way.) I made it to post my writing, to give me  some outlet for my creativity without the pressure of pleasing people. Right now it’s a little empty, but my goal is to populate it with inspiring snippets of prose and poetry when I get some free time back. I don’t know if I’ll share that account, but maybe some of the words will make their way onto the blog, or even my Instagram account. They should, in this new year- this new chapter for my work. I’m opening up many more windows, and sharing more facets of my self. It’s inspiring to let my creativity go wild and see where it takes me.

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Top: Realisation | Pants & Tights: Free People | Boots: Public Desire | Necklaces: Jessica Matrasko | Rings: Five and Two

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  • Jessica says:

    I think that is fantastic! Ihave only recently started a blog but Woah dang! Is there pressure for something that was just suppose to be fun and a way to share my thoughts and ideas anD things I am passionate about. It was only recently that I had To remind myself, this is for me to share. Not to feel like I am suppose to be just like every other blogger/writer because I am Unique in my own way! Good on you for not letting the Outside blog pressures get to you and going back to your roots!

  • Tien Austin says:

    So beautiful!

    I absolutely love the new vibe your blog has taken, it’s so inspiring to see everything that you come up with!

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