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A Touch of Spring

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Under every girls clothes is the lingerie that makes her day. Haha, I just made that up on the spot, but isn’t it so true? I start my day with an outfit idea in mind, and my whole look depends on what lingerie I’m going to wear. Wether it’s lacey and I want to show it off, or it’s nude so I can hide it under sheer whites, it’s probably the most important step in making sure your outfit works. Nobody wants to see panty lines or bra straps hanging out. So to me, styling my lingerie is really important in my outfit building process.

If you’re a lingerie loving girl like me, then you probably have lots of options that still never feel like enough! A set for every mood and whim, and every outfit that can or ever will be. Okay, that’s a lot of lingerie… did I mention I’m a huge lingerie fan?

Enter: Bia Boro, the bamboo underwear brand that “draw on musings of travel and diverse cultures spun together to create a sense of adventure in the wearer’s mind”. These intimates are extremely soft and stretchy, making them the perfect go-to for when you just want to feel comfy AND sexy. And get this, they’re made from a Bamboo-blend that’s Hypoallergenic, Thermal regulating, Breathable, and offers UV Protection. And they make matching men’s! I’m feeling so fashionably eco-friendly.

I’m wearing the Nenufar Bralette & Brazillian, and the Marmol Bralette & Brazillian in size XS.

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Lingerie: Bia Boro | Robe: Stone Cold Fox | Choker: Call It Spring | Ring: Scarab Silver

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