SS 2018 Trend Forecast

I may not have tabs on every trend from every style out there, but being so intertwined with the fashion industry gives me some advantages that I really love! One being seeing the arrival of new trends and styles, and

Spring Feeling

With the warm weather coming up, I’m dreaming of the spring outfits I’m excited to wear. I brought out my spring shoes and basket bags, and have styled up some perfect looks to get you inspired for the new season

Winter Days

Although most of this winter in LA was spent in light jackets and sometimes even T shirts, this last week has been the coldest of all. The weather finally called for cozy coats, though I wasn’t TOO enthusiastic about the

Hot Child in the City

When you work in the content creation industry, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with your own fast-paced life and actually finish the projects you start. These photos may have been from last summer, but I never finished editing all

Valentine’s Baby

Maybe being born 6 days before Valentine’s Day has engrained some sort of romanticism in me. I’ve always lived with one foot in reality and the other foot in a romantic fairytale world. As a child I wanted to see


An evening in Paris, passing by the Luxembourg Palace and walking the street covered in Autumn leaves. Dusk was settling upon the city with a soft pale light, and the palace windows glowed like tiny glimmering candles in the distance.

Walk This Way

Once in a while I have an outfit idea I hold on to for a while, in search of the perfect pieces to make the complete look I’m dreaming of. This was one of those dream looks, which honestly took

Look Chic in Luxe Lace

I couldn’t feel more chic in my latest favorite outfit. Luxe Lace, my recent shoe find, and coordinating black accessories against a white ensemble… it’s all so good! It takes me right back to Paris and spending a golden afternoon


Somehow I always come back to loving this nude/blush/mauve sort of color scheme and it always reflects in my wardrobe and editing. I think it’s one of the most flattering tones that match any complexion, and goes with really any

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