Poppy in Paris – Part I

Being a loyal wearer of Riddle Oil already, I was so excited to be able to Creative Direct, style, model and shoot the latest campaign for their Poppy line! The fragrance is already one of my favorite scents that I

Tonal Style for Fall

This fall I’m so inspired to take tonal dressing to a whole new level. From warm camel to creamy beige tones in my clothes, and now even in my hair! I just warmed up my platinum blonde locks for this

Le Jardin Secret

There’s something about vast, manicured gardens that I love so much. The secret pathways, the artful way of the flowers, the silent statues looking over the lawn. If I could live in a garden, with nothing much more to worry

Sarah Loven walking with sunflowers.

Be Your Own Sunshine

“Spend time amidst the trees, thinking and not thinking… breathing, and doing as they do. Learn to be present, and remember how to daydream. Do simple things- Drink tea by the window, slowly. Arrange a vase of flowers, mindfully. Fall

Spring Luxe

Spring hits and we can finally wear the shoes we’ve been waiting for. This season, I’ve fallen for luxe shoes, and these 2 pairs from Miss Madel really hit the mark! Luxury leather and jewel embellishment really elevate a look,

A Day at Luxembourg Gardens

Spending a day at Luxembourg Gardens was something I’d recommend to anyone visiting Paris. It’s a staple for your French Lifestyle routine. If you have a free day, you should slow it down, and stop to appreciate the beauty of

Grand Trianon

Part 2 of the Trianon Posts, I’m giving you a glimpse into the lavish rooms of Grand Trianon and the stunning gardens. We wandered from the gardens of Petit Trianon, down the many paths beneath lush trees, until the pink

Sarah Loven Dancing at Petite Trianon.

Petit Trianon

I know this post is later than late, but we can make an exception because I have almost 100 photos to share from our day running around Petit & Grand Trianon at Chateau Versailles! I’m splitting the day between two

You’re So Gucci

This has been my uniform this winter. Leave it to chance to happen upon the prettiest and comfiest sweater I’ve ever owned, one day while walking around LA. (It’s only $20 from H&M!) As one who never owned many pairs

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