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Be Your Own Sunshine

“Spend time amidst the trees,
thinking and not thinking…
breathing, and doing as they do.
Learn to be present, and remember
how to daydream.

Do simple things-
Drink tea by the window,
Arrange a vase of flowers,
Fall in love with books.

Walk without direction.
Follow the sites, the sounds,
and the smells.
Be content somewhere,
alone, or in a crowd.

Forget what time it is,
forget priorities.
For a little while, be free.
Your moments spent living
are no less valuable than
your moments spent working for the weekend”

Note to Self – 4.19.18, Les Belles Lettres

You May have noticed these “Les Belles Lettres” appearing here and there on my Instagram and Stories. If you haven’t guessed, this is my little work in progress. A collection of my writings that will hopefully make up enough pages to become a full book in the near future. What you might not know about me is that before blogging and even before photography, I wrote extensive amounts of poetry, prose, and free form. I wrote multiple poems a day, sometimes. Which all collectively became 2 books which I published at the ages of 18 and 19. My poetry was also submitted into some international books, and appraised by literature professors in Europe.

It’s strange to think that I’m the same person today that wrote all this poetry when I was younger. My mom always said my writing sounded like that of an old man from another century, haha! I sometimes wondered where the words even came from. Of course, I spent a lot of time reading Keats and I’m sure some of my inspiration came from him.

These days I find it harder to write like I used to. I’ve grown up, and I spend less time day dreaming and noticing the beauty I once saw everywhere. It’s been a part of me that’s been sorely missed. So when I have a moment, or when inspiration strikes, I sit down and write. It may not be as lovely as my old writings, but it’s with a new voice. The voice of who I am now. And I’m excited to get to know it better. And share it with you.

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