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Remember the Ocean

Sarah Loven in French Riviera Style at the beach

In a way, living by the coast is similar to the expression “The grass is always greener on the other side”, because you’re here where the world envies the beach access and trendy lifestyle, but most the time one forgets they are just a drive away from the ocean. I take it for granted all the time, as I’m a 30 min drive from the coast and usually forget all about it. Even though that was one of the main reasons I wanted to live in SoCal.

Remember the ocean...

Sometimes I’ll be driving along some high up canyon road and see the hazy ocean horizon line appear between the hills on a clear day, and I’ll say “is that the ocean?!” Shocked at myself for forgetting it was so close all along. And I go through phases of places I crave.

Two years ago I would be shooting at the beach all the time, living for the salty air and the minerals from the sand coating my skin. I’ve been more of a city girl in the last year, wanting to find my bliss at cafés, admiring architecture downtown, and being part of a crowd. This spring, I’ve started veering away from busy places to find peace in the solitude of nature, where I can drown out my worries and recharge amidst the grass and flowers and trees.

And now I remember the ocean… and how it was something special to me for a long time, and sort of represents the wild freeness of life and myself… a place I want to be more often, and could be there if only I would just go. And so I tell myself I need to remember the ocean. In the similar way, it’s like reminding yourself that the grass is greener where you water it, if you just think to do it.

Bandana Top & Skirt: Verge Girl | Espadrilles: Daniel Footwear | Hats: Lack of Color
Net Bag: Enjoué Collectif | Black Dress: Saroka Official | Basket Bag: France

French Riviera Style in Black Puff Sleeve Dress And Basket Bag
Trendy Happy Couple Laguna Beach Photoshoot

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