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Black on White


I love a good layered outfit. This is one I’ve been waiting to shoot and I love the balance of simplicity and detail within this look. Sometimes you keep it simple, but by adding textured fabric, or accessories with a little gold detail, the look is easily elevated.

I keep reverting to black and white outfits. Maybe it means I find comfort in the balance, and confidence in the base colors. To me, black and white together are so chic and aesthetically pleasing, one could style endless b&w looks. I feel like that’s what I’ve been doing lately, and though spring is here and I will be shifting back into more color, I know I’ll be experimenting with how to make black and white a summery combo.

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5U9A9655 copy




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Top: Spell Designs | Bottoms: 1822 Denim | Purse: River Island | Shoes: Daniel Footwear | Necklace: Italy



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