Fall Style Guide – River Island

During my Fashion Week outfit planning, I perused the River Island store like crazy, gathering inspiration for looks inspired by European cities and the latest fashion trends. I put together a style guide for myself, which inspired a few of

Paris Fashion Week SS18 Trend

At Paris Fashion Week I was exposed to some of the upcoming trends for next year, and there’s one I find intriguing and have already been experimenting with. What used to be a fashion no-no has become a new fashion

Blogging 101: Mastering the Flat Lay

Flat Lays are sort of the bread and butter content for bloggers. Its our way of making a boring product photo feel relatable and less commercial. When you have to shoot as many products as us, it’s one of the

How I Started Blogging

This post was a long time coming, as I get SO many messages regarding this topic. So I finally sat down to organize my whole story into a blog post, to shed some light on my personal journey. This isn’t a

Blogging 101: First Steps

Welcome to a new series here on the blog, where I’ll be sharing advice and tips on how to conquer the blogging world. It’s not easy, and I remember the overwhelming feeling it gave me when I first started. Everyone

Paris Diaries

So much of Paris’s magic is found in the unplanned, spontaneous moments. Even though I had a month of photoshoots in the city, I still felt like I could never capture all the amazing things I saw. The world expanded

Paris in the Spring: Playlist

I had a very specific change in music taste while living in Paris. The change of scenery and pace of life… I guess that’s just what this city does to you. I started revisiting old music I used to love,

Dear Vogue, Watch Out

Dear Vogue, watch out. You may have been the gatekeeper of the fashion world for decades, but some of us bloggers have been able to establish ourselves in less time than that. We are the new wave of the industry,

Film Journal

There’s something about film that I’ve always loved. The way it captures the moment in it’s own unique way, seeing more of what the eye sees and recording a little bit more of the soul. Film photography works like this,

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