NYE – Getting Personal

As 2017 comes to a close (ummmm, howww?!), I revisited my list of resolutions I wrote down last year, as I’m an avid note maker (can’t survive without them!). I was surprised to see what I wrote, as it really

Blogging 101: How to get “The Look”

When I was a beginner photographer, I would look at photographers I followed and wonder why, even with all the editing possible, I couldn’t get my photos to look like the ones I was trying to mimic. From colors, to

Fall Style Guide – River Island

During my Fashion Week outfit planning, I perused the River Island store like crazy, gathering inspiration for looks inspired by European cities and the latest fashion trends. I put together a style guide for myself, which inspired a few of

Paris Fashion Week SS18 Trend

At Paris Fashion Week I was exposed to some of the upcoming trends for next year, and there’s one I find intriguing and have already been experimenting with. What used to be a fashion no-no has become a new fashion

Blogging 101: Mastering the Flat Lay

Flat Lays are sort of the bread and butter content for bloggers. Its our way of making a boring product photo feel relatable and less commercial. When you have to shoot as many products as us, it’s one of the

How I Started Blogging

This post was a long time coming, as I get SO many messages regarding this topic. So I finally sat down to organize my whole story into a blog post, to shed some light on my personal journey. This isn’t a

Blogging 101: First Steps

Welcome to a new series here on the blog, where I’ll be sharing advice and tips on how to conquer the blogging world. It’s not easy, and I remember the overwhelming feeling it gave me when I first started. Everyone

Paris Diaries

So much of Paris’s magic is found in the unplanned, spontaneous moments. Even though I had a month of photoshoots in the city, I still felt like I could never capture all the amazing things I saw. The world expanded

Paris in the Spring: Playlist

I had a very specific change in music taste while living in Paris. The change of scenery and pace of life… I guess that’s just what this city does to you. I started revisiting old music I used to love,

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