Dear Vogue, Watch Out

Dear Vogue, watch out. You may have been the gatekeeper of the fashion world for decades, but some of us bloggers have been able to establish ourselves in less time than that. We are the new wave of the industry,

Film Journal

There’s something about film that I’ve always loved. The way it captures the moment in it’s own unique way, seeing more of what the eye sees and recording a little bit more of the soul. Film photography works like this,

How to Survive the Instagram Update

If you read my last post about the update here, you’ll have a better idea of what is going on, and why you might be noticing huge changes in your followers interaction on Instagram. I’ve been doing some heavy research on

The New Instagram

We’ve all heard about the new Instagram Algorithm, the thing all small businesses and Instagram personalities are fearing the most. After the huge cry of outrage once the world heard about what Instagram planned to do to us, Instagram promised

10 Tips for a Better Instagram

I get so many comments and emails with questions about my Instagram feed. From how I have so many followers, to how I keep my feed professional looking. There are some simple key points to keep in mind when trying to create

the coastal highway

Though rare, I bring you a journal post! One of the first from the series I will be calling The Letters From the Road.  Photos from our trip up the scenic coastal highway 1, our secret camp spot hidden away, and

RGG x Bed Stu

She’s an enigma Only those could understand her. She doesn’t try to be too deep, but she’s an ocean. And some don’t like to swim. She doesn’t take the well-traveled road. She likes to go her own way. Her soul

Making Waves

For a while in Florida we pretty much lived as beach bums and slightly homeless vagabonds, and it was great. I may be broken, cause there’s nothing that makes my my spirit soar quite like having nothing to tie us

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