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Dear Vogue, Watch Out

Sarah Loven, Blogger, Letter to Vogue

Dear Vogue, watch out.

You may have been the gatekeeper of the fashion world for decades, but some of us bloggers have been able to establish ourselves in less time than that. We are the new wave of the industry, whether you like it or not! Your authority is being challenged, as we have taken matters into our own hands. Because we love fashion just as much as you do.

Some of us bloggers hold many skills- we are models, keeping ourselves in shape and working to be the best version of ourselves we can. We are stylists, staying educated on the trends, but also declaring our own personal style, while simultaneously catering to our fans. Some of us are photographers, having honed in our skills, doing all our own shooting and editing, with expensive gear and softwares we ourselves invested in. We are computer wizards, learning how to code and design our own sites, and handle our own IT and SEO. We are public relations, making connections with brands, designers, and boutiques all over the world, creating a united network. We are a voice, establishing our writing abilities to cover many topics, sometimes stretching to the vastness of what many magazine journalists cover. We are passionate, reaching out to people and earning their interest and respect by inspiring them with what we have done, and the prospect of what we can accomplish. Bloggers are fierce, watch out!

So my dear Vogue, perhaps it’s time you realize that the fashion industry is ready to be let loose from your reigns. Because we are here to stay.

PS- I don’t borrow my clothes. People like my style so much, they borrow them from me. ??

#dearVogue #bloggersarefierce


Hat: Lack of Color
Top: Topshop
Silk Shorts: Band of Gypsies
Scarf: Topshop
Shoes: Ego Official Shoes

Sarah Loven in Silk Pink Shorts and Scarf


Sarah Loven in Pink Lack of Color Boater Hat



Film of Sarah Loven wearing Topshop Outfit

Los Angeles Palm Trees

Movie Night!

What to Watch

  • Found you on pinterest, LoVeS tHiS, , your thoughts on the universe, your style and your good vibes energy is the tribe of vibes I’ve been getting from the universe…xOxO, made my day…?✌???

  • Lauderlis says:

    ♪ somewhere sometime
    all things will be fine ♪

  • Ev says:

    Such a great look!! Love it 🙂

  • Paulynagore says:

    Hahaha i loved your text! And so your pictures of course!

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