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La Maison Française

5U9A7922 copyMy blog posts have been a bit scattered lately, with all the sponsored work on my shoulders. While working for other people, I have to remember to take time and keep my own passions alive to stay sane. So this comes fresh from a topic that’s been on my mind for quite a while, and a draft that was waiting to see the light.

Since spring this year, I knew I wanted to start shifting my style and take the blog in a new direction. You might know how long it takes to give your entire wardrobe a complete overhaul and change everything, from clothing to accessories. That, plus bringing to life a whole new look for my photography and blog, took a lot of brainstorming and time. When I started this shift, I knew I was done with the bohemian style that had saturated the fashion world. After years of that look being part of my gimmick, and being one of the first specifically boho bloggers, I was ready for a change.

I really found a new love and a spark of interest in the French Riviera, and just the Riviera lifestyle in general. One thing about me, is my taste changes continuously. I’ve learned to hone it in over the years and stay consistent with my work and brand, but my passion is in the details and story telling, and I am always venturing into unknown territories and trying new things.

While shedding my old self image, I was searching for what new things was going to grab my heart. I was so busy with work and doing projects for other people, I wanted to stop everything and find myself again. It started with one old French movie- “And God Created Woman,” and I was suddenly inspired anew. From watching tons of old classic French movies, to deciding to learn French for myself, and learning/playing French music, it quickly became my new vision. I was drawn to the playfully sexy scene of the late 60’s/early 70’s in France, related to the Beatnik culture I love so much.

About 6 months ago I told Josh, who probably thought I sounded crazy, “I want to dress like a crossbreed of Marie Antoinette and Brigitte Bardot!” From velvet chokers, to corsets, to GoGo boots, tiny silk dresses, and berets… I had some sort of beautiful twisted fantasy of a new style I was dying to bring to life. No more heavy bohemian patterns and layers, just simple and chic and with a flair for the past. I transitioned my style slow and sweet, so as not to shock my entire audience with a change they weren’t expecting. I don’t know if I was on some sort of connected consciousness, but I found the fashion world around me renewing a French flair at the same time. Just like the birth of bohemian style when I adopted it years ago.

Maybe the world is ready for another dive into the past, for some culture from a place fashion trends started. It’s great to know the fashion world and I are on the same page, even though sometimes I would rather just be left to do my own thing. When there’s a whole world of bloggers and models and fashion-loving people, it’s hard to find your unique stamp on your style, but the most important part is to just be true to yourself. Fashion is a huge outward expression of myself and my creativity. I find it more of an art and a passion than what some people might assume as shallow vanity. I think it’s so important to wear your heart on your sleeve, and present yourself in a way that gives everyone around you a good first impression of who you are. But to be completely honest, I don’t even wear much of anything special on days off! You might spot me in leggings, a big tee shirt, and ridiculously fuzzy socks 85% of the time!

So with almost another year coming to an end, I am pushing to finish some big things for Ready Gypset Go, and for Josh and I! The projects we have in store are really exciting, and I can’t wait to share them when the time is right. Though for now, it’s all still a big secret!

One thing I was excited to finally announce, is our campaign trip to Paris Fashion Week, as well as our extended stay in France! I’m so ready to take our adventures international in the new year, and really embrace the new vision for the blog that you will be seeing more of very soon! It’s almost time for a new chapter to begin!

For now, you can wander through La Maison Française with me, a secret hidden gem, tucked away on Melrose in LA!

And get into the French mood with my personally curated playlist below!


Corset Belt: Lovestrength
Dress: For Love & Lemons
Beret: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: Wear Me Pro
Boots: Matisse Footwear

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