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Paris Diaries

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So much of Paris’s magic is found in the unplanned, spontaneous moments. Even though I had a month of photoshoots in the city, I still felt like I could never capture all the amazing things I saw. The world expanded beyond the scope of my camera and lens, and it was nearly impossible to photograph the sheer magnitude of the beauty, or the small details in my surroundings. Though my life is like a constant photoshoot in these types of situations, it’s sometimes in the unplanned and non-professional photos that I capture a more fleeting moment. To me, those photos capture a memory even better. I hoard these photos of my memories like treasure, hence why I’m obsessed with photography.

So my Paris Diaries will be made up of just those photos… random lost life snapshots that don’t fit into any one blog post or photoshoot, but deserve to be shared nonetheless. And this is only the first batch of what I could edit from my spontaneous snapshots! Some are from my iPhone, some are from my camera. And each are totally dear to me, so I hope you enjoy them too!

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IMG 94191

IMG 8766

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IMG 9370

IMG 9056

IMG 9460

IMG 8775

IMG 9462

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IMG 9389

IMG 9467

IMG 9418

IMG 8790

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