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New Year, New Jetset Lust

Sarah Loven and Nextdoornomad euro street style

A re-design, a stolen concept, another re-design, and months of building later… I present the new and improved Jetset Lust! Here’s a little breakdown of why we moved in this new direction, and what surprises you’ll find here!

New Year


You all probably know I’ve spent the last 2 months dedicated to rebranding Jetset Lust! My husband and I have created everything from scratch. I started the design process in Photoshop, making a brand concept which I shared with you guys on my Stories months ago! Sadly, someone stole my branding and released their own site with my concept, from the same colors, similar fonts, and overall the same exact visuals.

It was a bit frustrating as I really loved what I had created to embody Jetset Lust, but in the end I’m thankful it happened, because it really pushed me to make something new that 100% reflected my current style and inspirations. Something I love even more, and feel is truly me, and different from anything out there. 

I spent days fussing over exact colors, fonts, and graphic elements that would tell a story. I designed the mock up of how I wanted the site to look in Photoshop- basically creating a full size site visual. Then Josh and I started the extremely extensive process of building the site from nothing, with all the coding and web development involved in that.

I have a background in coding and design (I only taught myself), as you may know we’ve designed all our sites. This time we were using newer site design methods, so there was a big learning curve that took a lot of trial and error. We were learning as we built each site element. And even with our knowledge and previous experience, it was tough! I learned SO much, and feel sort of like a badass having conquered this big step! It was actually a HUGE sacrifice to create this lovechild of a project, because we worked day in and day out for months, not taking any other work (that means no pay) until it was done. And this isn’t our last website overhaul, we have 3 more on the way for other projects!

The reason I decided to put so much time and effort into the JSL re-design is because I really wanted to create a space that is 100% our own. Where josh and I can pour out our creative energy, and not be “owned” or “controlled” by a big corporation like Instagram. Here, there is no algorithm, no faking, no competition. It’s a safe place where our visions come to life, and we can be as successful as our hard work allows us to be.

I have no doubt that others will follow suit with this concept when they see it in action. It’s a very free place when you aren’t trying to please and algorithm with every post. I just hope that my vision for this site stays unique to me as long as possible. But these days, with everyone entitled to ripping off another’s work the moment they see something they like, that’s just wishful thinking! What I’m confident in is the huge investment of time we put into the new JSL, to make it so unique that it’s not easily replicated. And I hope you  all can enjoy all the love and hard work we put into every page and detail.

There’s a TON of new content on her, even old blog posts got updated with all new photos and unreleased content, so go explore! There’s the Music Archive, with all of Josh’s personal music he wrote and recorded, the Art Collection with my latest paintings, the Film Reel complete with all our videos (even some not on Youtube), and so much more!

Thank you for your support! I’ll be seeing you around here, I hope!

White Set: Storets | Hat: JC Millinery | Black Boots: ALDO | Black Purse: Bebe
Striped Top: Sea Gypsies | Blue Pants: Petite Studio NYC | Purse: Bembien | Boots: J Shoes | Necklace: Pamela Card Jewelry

vintage French style

Movie Night!

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  • G+V says:

    Super job, love your independence spirit.^^

  • Meg Arentz says:

    This is incredible and my jaw has officially dropped! Such talent! ❤️

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