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Returning to the Pirate’s Cove to shoot for Sea Gypsies was inevitable, with it’s hidden nooks and coves waiting to be explored. It’s like a mermaid’s getaway. The rocks are my favorite part, standing from the top and looking down over the blue bay. The grooves of the weathered stones provide such an interesting sight. As the sun moves through the sky and the light shifts, the shadows shift and change the rocky surface, spotlighting different tones and textures. Coming back each day, it felt different every time. The moody evening light painted soft golds onto pale hues. I always seem to fall madly in love with rocks… and this place is a texture lover’s heaven!


Top & Jacket: Sea Gypsies by Lost
Pants: Nightcap
Jewelry: Of Native
Belt: Pretty Eclectic
Heels: Bed Stu











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  • Paulynagore says:

    Amazing outfit, and amazing pictures! loving your hair and the little bag too 🙂

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