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Ciel de Lit


With all the blog work I do full time, I find it hard to make time for personal work. As an artist, I’ve relied heavily on spontaneity and creative time to keep me balanced and happy throughout my life. Lately, I feel like all I’ve been good for is creating my art for other people. And that’s not what I developed this lifestyle for.

So this one day, during mercury retrograde (of course), I was feeling really down. I tend to want to shed everything (I’m eccentric like that), and be unapologetically myself when I get in these slumps. At home I’m usually wearing little to no clothes in the morning because, well, I guess I get tired of always thinking about what I’m wearing. And that sort of played into this little impromptu shoot. Josh and I decided, instead of working today, we would shoot something that was only for us. I wasn’t advertising or representing any brands, I wasn’t thinking about getting the best product shots. I wasn’t rushing around on location like a crazy chicken. I just modeled myself, my personality. And I cared about nothing, and felt more fulfilled at the end than I had in a while.

Like I always say, it’s important to do that something for yourself. Whatever it is. Swim naked in the pool. Drink wine on a blanket under the stars. Ride a bicycle with no apparent destination. I, personally, enjoy learning French/singing in French. It’s something that I do just for myself, can do any time, and it acts like an escape from the daily mundane.

These “selfish,” sacred moments are where we reconnect with ourselves to maintain inner peace, and find satisfaction with who we are!


This is a sneak peak at the new look in the Airstream! I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything. I sometimes forget I live in something so unique that people are interested in, haha! I’ve also been in the process of redecorating everything to fit my latest mood. while we also finish up our other renovations with the bathroom. We are doing everything by hand, and designing it ourselves, which is a lot harder than one would think. And I’m a perfectionist, and never want to show it until it’s finished. In which there will be one big grand tour of photos for everyone who’s been asking for them!

Until then, here is a little peak of all the lovely crisp whites and spring colors I’ve fallen in love with!














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