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The New Boho


Boho has been my style since before it even hit the main stream. I’ve associated myself with the bohemian flair and gypsy lifestyle for some time, and living full time on the road gives me the opportunity to experience micro cultures and trends around the country. I’m always adopting new styles from people, places, and things I love. I’m strongly influenced by what inspires me, and you could even say I’m like a “method actor”, in that I will immerse myself in whatever it is I’m currently passionate about, until I feel it has become a part of who I am. An artist is always growing and changing, improving on their work, their art, and their form of self expression. I’ve never been one afraid of changing those things. In fact, I usually get really excited to switch things up a bit.

So like I’ve mentioned in some previous posts, I’ve been taking my style in a new direction as the new season hits and brings us a glimpse of coming trends. I usually feel a nudge right as it’s time to let go of a style, and right before the new trends hit. And I’ve personally said goodbye to the bohemian style we all know, and said hello to some refreshing changes.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still a bohemian through and through, but the new boho calls for more on the inside than the outside. What was once expressed loudly through patterns and layers, will be simplified so your inner flair is the main attraction. I am so excited to experiment with this idea I call “wearing yourself” as the main accessory. Letting your personality speak in the way you pair the pieces you wear. Pieces that are more subtle, with accessories that add something unique to the look.

I think we will all manifest this style in different ways. As an artist, I’m constantly reinventing myself through different forms of creativity and expression. Personally, I am now embracing my more feminine side, while adding a bit of tom boy or chic. I’m simplifying and cutting down on the stacking of jewelry and patterns to feel light and comfortable. But I also aim to keep it a little eclectic as an ode to my travels and experiences, which will keep a hint of that gypsy flair in some of my outfits.

Personal style is developed over time, and takes a little bit from passing trends and personal experiences as we go. I see it as a very specific and subtle concoction that reflects our personality, and believe we should embrace being as unique as possible. Especially during a time where so many eras and cultures can blend into one trend, we can pick and choose what details we love, that help us express ourselves outwardly.

Whatever the trend may or may not be, we can freely be ourselves. Fashion just gives everyone a better picture of who we are on the inside. I mean, we usually pick up a new book for the pretty cover, don’t we? Let the cover speak who you are!


Hat: 66 the Label
Top & Cuff: Hazel & Folk
Shorts: One Teaspoon
Wallet/Clutch: Led to Believe
Shoes: Matisse Footwear








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