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Dusk at the Mountain

As a goodbye to summer, I release this blog post that has been hidden away in my drafts for so long. You could say this was the highlight of my summer because it was, in a way, the beginning all the new things that would come at us for Ready Gypset Go.

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Old Tucson

We were drifting through a sea of tall cactus, the winding road smoldering in the desert sun. As we drove our airstream through Saguaro National Park, we stumbled upon Old Tucson Studios. I had seen photos of the old western movie set while scouting locations for our campaign, but didn’t

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chasing mountain tops

We returned to the hidden place in the California mountain tops. It was exactly as I remembered, years later. The first time we ventured across the country in our jeep, we visited this place and fell in love with the view. This time we returned to meet up with the

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Inside Our Airstream | part 1

I suppose I should talk about how Flo the Airstream came to be (and was always) a part of Ready Gypset Go, and our home on the road. Well, the concept came to me after our very first road trip across the country to California. That was over 2 years

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the amber road

in these days we’ll live in love, and like stubborn children we’ll hold on. becoming untamed by this wild feeling, it lets us loose. but we’re grown up. chasing down amber roads, and you tuck back my golden hair, kiss my shoulder, and tell me to always be near. i’ll make

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Once upon a time I had never seen Saguaro Cactus before. Little did I know how strange, elusive, and gigantic there actually were. You never quite get the sense from photos of them, but these fellas (the ones hunted down) were up to 25 feet tall. And they don’t even

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Into the Woods

We ventured into the woods in search of that rich green, escaping the thunderclouds that chased us our whole drive there. Hiking up the slippering pine needled hill, and down into a dry river bed, I felt a bit like a character out of Camelot in my earthy silk dress from

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Love is Everywhere

Well I had this whole series edited and then completely forgot to post to the blog! One of my favorites places I’ve ever visited was Salvation Mountain. I know now it seems to be a trending location thanks to all it’s recent attention after Coachella. But it was a place

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To satisfy my inner mermaid, we climbed to the top of the granite dells and spent the day like castaways, close to the sun, scouring the rocks barefoot and living in my favorite swimwear ever from Andi Bagus. We found the top of the cliffs covered in what I call

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