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Into the Mist

When we decided to go to Big Sur for our fall campaign, little did we know how difficult it would be to tow our entire home behind us on the most dangerous highway in the country. It was all curves and hills, winding road taking you to the edge of

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Into the Woods

The famous clouds and rain of the pacific northwest didn’t keep us from exploring the Redwood Forest for our Fall Campaign trip. Someone told me the other day that the Redwoods is considered a rain forest, which totally makes sense now! The ground under the trees is spongey, the moss

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Prickly Pear – Spell Designs

With the release of the new Spell collection “Hotel Paradiso”, it’s only fitting that I release another set from the Sunset Road series we shot for them in Tucson! There are still sooo many photos that I still want to go through and edit. I took a moment and stayed

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the coastal highway

Though rare, I bring you a journal post! One of the first from the series I will be calling The Letters From the Road.  Photos from our trip up the scenic coastal highway 1, our secret camp spot hidden away, and our first glimpse of autumn in the west. I’m not

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Agua Caliente

As promised, I’ve got more exclusive Spell photos from our Sunset Road Campaign! Some people were a bit eager to see this set, so I just finished the last of the editing of the RGG exclusives and decided to go ahead a upload the post early! When I saw a

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Barrio Viejo

Just a quick post coming at ya before we head off the grid again for our Fall Campaign. I’ve been wanting to edit more Sunset Road exclusives for you, but traveling has been keeping us busy. Life is certainly a lot slower when towing a 31′ vintage Airstream behind you

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casa antigua

I’m so excited to finally release the first of many blog posts from our Sunset Road campaign, and one of my favorites… Somewhere in the Catalina Mountains, an old house is hidden away, a secret treasure. It was the gallery and home of the artist Ettore Degrazia. Inside it is

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She’s a Wildflower

Once upon a time we road tripped to Sedona, not having a clue where we were going. With stories about the red rocks in mind, we explored, hoping to find a way to capture the amazing rocks from the perfect distance. Somehow, when we thought we were going to miss

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south X west

When scouting locations for our Spell campaign shoot in Tucson, I discovered this rare gem and knew we had to shoot here. A courtyard of cactuses, adobe architecture, and inside- beautiful rooms entirely covered in murals by the artist Ettore Degrazia. We didn’t think we were going to make it there

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