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Sea Siren


Shooting the campaign for Siren Brand was a fun challenge, that allowed me to come up with every different way to style embroidered Mexican blouses/dresses. The authentic fabric and beautiful stitchery brought detail to each outfit that I wanted to focus on. Matching jewels, contrasting wardrobe pieces… I sort of let my inner child take over while pulling pieces, which led to more whimsical outfits based on colors or textures. Jewelry that I normally stack on couldn’t detract from the embroidery detailing, so I usually paired pieces that brought out the colors even more. It was a fun project, and I loved traipsing the beach in full on childlike behavior. Sometimes you just have to let loose, and be wild and free.
































Tops & Dresses: Siren Brand
Mala Necklace:
Orange Ring: Skydog Jewelry
Bells: Raga La
Lace Skirt: Spell Designs
Crystal Choker: NAI Jewelry
3 Opal Rings: Indie & Harper
Compass Ring: Midsummer Star
Black Hat: FreePeople
Shell Necklace: Gypsy Love Store
Belt: Vintage
Fringe Boots: Naughty Monkey
Blue Patterned Shorts: Le Salty
Mukluk Boots: Manitobah
Shark Tooth & Turquoise Necklace: Saints of Bohemia
Lapis Necklace: Besodel Soul
Yellow & Cedar Mala: Tiny Devotions
Turquoise Necklace: Sundress Boutique
Turquoise Statement Ring: Inverness & Crane
Blue Ceramic Ring: Sea Soul Studio

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