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Inside our Airstream | part 2


I’m so excited to finally bring you another part of our Airstream reveal! So much has been going on and keeping us busy between blog work and travel, it’s been hard to get everything completely finished to the point where I call it done. Of course I’ve learned that renovating a vintage Airstream is pretty much an on-going project as you fix and change things over time. So I’ve come to accept the fact, and embrace the creativity that goes into constantly making it our own cozy place.

Well where do I start? The original space was so cluttered and dark. Of course our first task was to paint everything white, which only took about a thousand layers of paint. We only recently decided to try wood panelling on the walls, and I love it! We will continue to panel all the other divider walls. I’m still deciding on a color to stain them, along with all the other wood accents in the Airstream. We originally went with a dark stain in the living room, but I’ve since changed my mind and think a lighter stain would be more warm and inviting.

We spent a lot of time renovating our kitchen (reveal coming soon!) and floors. The speakers on the wall are the original vintage “surround sound” speakers that are also in the living room. Originally there was a wall with an oven on the left at the foot of the bed. It was attached to the overhead shelves, so as a temporary fix, we cut that out with a saw when we tore out the kitchen unit. It opened up the space so much! We rebuilt our bed frame (I plan to add had carved molding to it next) and the storage under it, before heading off on our official full time travels this fall. I still have plans for other changes and will continue to share our progress. But for now, welcome to our cozy bedroom!

People have asked how I store all my clothing and accessories. It’s been a real challenge fitting it all, and even harder to store things when the seasons change. So I usually keep only the essentials/favorites, and sell the rest to happy new homes. What storage I have come up with is:

1. My open closet, which can fit clothes all the way across the wall if needed. But I try to keep only things I plan to wear soon there, to maintain extra open space.
2. Our hand built shelf fit 4 large baskets that act as “drawers” full of clothing, swimwear, etc. When traveling I tie a sash across the shelves (see the tiny white hooks) to hold the baskets in.
3. The original shelving above the bed (which we painted white) holds intimates, socks, pajamas, etc. divided into His & Hers sides. We plan to tear these out to built matching wood ones later.
4. And lastly, under the bed against the wall are 2 hand built shelves that hold all the shoes I can possibly fit, and some open space on the right for more baskets of clothing, purses, blankets, etc.

I did a lot of planning when we gutted the bedroom. I wanted to maintain as much of the open space as possible to keep it feeling less claustrophobic. So I opted to use baskets everywhere instead of building permanent drawers/storage. This also makes it extremely easy to move things around, toss things under the bed, use the shelves for other purposes, etc.

For our bed, we needed something lightweight once we added weight with the wooden bed frame. I did some research and found an amazing brand that makes the ultimate mattress! Tuft & Needle’s foam based mattress gets delivers vacuum packed and rolled up in a 4 ft. box! You unroll it and it “inflates” to full size on your bed frame. The ultimate reason we loved Tuft & Needle was for it’s comfort. It was the first time in a year I slept on a decent mattress instead of a hard hand-me-down. The foam based material distributes your body weight and heat, and gives you the feeling of floating when you sleep. It’s made to work for all body types and needs, which made it the perfect choice for us. They created the perfect mattress for everyone, and it’s also unbelievably affordable! Win win!

Once we reveal the final kitchen and bathroom renovations, I’ll be posting a before & after of everything! Then you’ll really be amazed, haha!


Pillows: Atlas Secret by Najlae, The Vintage Tree, Macrame Bunting: Pretty Kooky


Laptop Cover: Uniqfind, Candle: Himalayan Candles, Duvet: Urban Outfitters


Rings: Silpada, Indie and Harper


Lace Shirts: Spell Designs, Boho Buys







Record Player: Urban Outfitters



intimates: For Love & Lemons, Watch: Daniel Wellington, Jewelry: Tribe Jewelry, Nose Ring: Midsummer Star


Mug: Anthropologie





Crystal Garden: The Uncommon Wren, Body Lotion: From Farm to Skin


Turquoise Collection: Barse Jewelry, Stone Sparrow, and more


Orb Dream Catcher: Aga Azra, Shorts: Rebecah Ryan


Necklace: Scylla Designs, Shell Chandelier: Gypsy Love Store



Hamsa Dish: Earthbound Trading Co., Blue Sage Smudge: Tribe Jewelry



Crochet Fringe Top: Ixiah



Crate: antique, Canvas Bags: Tribe Jewelry, Spell Designs





Macrame Dreamcatcher: Bonfire Heart Co.



Crop Sweater: For Love & Lemons, Shorts: Rebecah Ryan, Socks: Free People
Claw Pendant: Torchlight Jewelry, Smokey Quartz Cuff: Tribe Jewelry, Silver Ring: Saints of Bohemia




Mattress: Tuft & Needle, Romper: Rove Designs

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  • Emily Andrews says:

    Do you use any type of website or program to get rid of clothes that you don’t wear or need anymore?

  • Zuly says:

    Awesome, you must post these pics of how you fit your wardrobe. Looking about getting an airstream but don’t know what to do about all my clothes.
    P.S love your IG
    Live your dream.

  • Matt says:

    I am sure you have heard about this but just in case; I receive an email from Mister Spoils on who they are watching on Instagram and you were the featured model. Congratulations!

  • Natalia says:

    Super Magical! I’m from Socal and my lover and I plan to do something similar next year and while planning is in process it was great to come across your site! Your style, clothing and photography/lifestyle – all absolutely perfect! Please post your “slimming legs” workout and diet sometime would love to learn a good workout especially for legs while living inside a small space. I’m world traveled and I must say Moroccan style is the perfect styling for Flo. You guys are beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your adventures

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