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To satisfy my inner mermaid, we climbed to the top of the granite dells and spent the day like castaways, close to the sun, scouring the rocks barefoot and living in my favorite swimwear ever from Andi Bagus. We found the top of the cliffs covered in what I call secret mermaid pools. When the rains come down here in Arizona, they come in monsoons. The rocks turn into waterfalls, and the little pools fill with water, looking like fragments of sky sitting atop the dells.

I always feel so natural wearing Andi Bagus’¬†designs, and I think it was the perfect setting to embody the style of the Kulit Suede Bikini.
You can really feel the love from her label put into every stitch, and I’m so happy that we got to form a friendship about a year ago that allowed me to be her US Brand Ambassador. I will always cherish the beautiful pieces she sends me. Each time a parcel arrives from so far across the sea, it’s like Christmas morning, knowing that she really gets my style and sends me surprises from her newest collections. I will always support her Bali brand and recommend it to others! It’s easy to see how everyone loves her too, and I’m so excited about how successful her brand has become already! Be sure to check out her site if you haven’t yet!

Wearing a complete Andi Bagus look.



















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