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on our way to somewhere


Welcome to our home base in Arizona! This is our backyard, where the sunsets surround us with amber light each night, and the skies turn pink, purple and gold. The hazy blue mountains in the distance surround us on all sides, and if you turn left you can drive down a dirt road until it turns into nothing. A crooked old fence lines the edge of the land and I love it’s imperfection. It’s so quiet out here. The neighbors are scattered to and fro, far and wide. Every once in a while you can hear voices carried on the prairie wind, but mostly it’s the cackling and howling of coyotes that playfully make their appearance each evening.

Monsoons come and go. Sometimes it’s hot, bright, and dry as a desert. Sometimes the atmosphere is thick and stormy. When it’s still, it’s oh so still. And when it’s windy, it rocks our little airstream and we feel like we might just blow away. Time goes ever so slowly- I call it Cowboy time. People are calm. It’s desert life and we all know that there’s no reason to rush. I’m still getting used to it.

Well you may have noticed I’ve been a little MIA on the blog and social media. That’s because we’ve been working on some special projects that I’ll be sharing with you soon! I’ve been so excited to finally share Flo with you, that I had so take a few snaps during this shoot. But very soon I’ll be releasing the first ever glimpse at the index of our gypsy caravan life! You may wonder why it’s take SO very long… well traveling and living out of Flo has made it hard to renovate at the same time. That’s why we’ve been laying low at our new home base and working on the final touches. It’s been a whole lot of work taking this vintage thing and turning her into a restored beauty. I’ve been so indecisive with the decor… I changed my mind four times with the style and now I’ve finally settled on what I truly love and what embodies our passions. I’m so easily in love with and influenced by different places and cultures that my style often changes to that of where I’ve recently been. From beachy, to minimal, to moroccan, to gypsy… what we decided upon is a surprise until we release the whole “Flo campaign”! But until then, catch a glimpse of Flo at the end of this blog post!


Jacket: Gypsy River
Dress: Le Salty
Boots: Wild & Free
Belt: Love Strength
Bra: Free People
Silver Necklace: Sparkles & Pop
Leather Necklace: Feather Junkie
Thunderbird Cuff: Brielle Belle
Moonstone Ring: The Gypsies Trunk
Orange Stone Ring: Skydog
Cross Arrows Ring: Red Wolf Jewelry
Crescent Ring: Torchlight Jewelry
























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