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chasing mountain tops


We returned to the hidden place in the California mountain tops. It was exactly as I remembered, years later. The first time we ventured across the country in our jeep, we visited this place and fell in love with the view. This time we returned to meet up with the shoe brand Bed Stu for a collaborative photo shoot. It was rather cold, being spring, and I was still really sick from Coachella and traveling. Road trip life can be harsh, and not as glorious as it all may seem. But what makes it beautiful is how the struggle is always worth the scenery and the memories. And, of course, the photos!

It’s odd to see how we’ve come full circle. How the inexperienced road trippers have become nomadic gypsies, who love the challenge and the constant change. We were first here as soul-searching photographers. We returned, knowing more about who were are and what we desire- what we are passionate about. We’ve developed into better artists with honed in skills. I’ve turned my passion into a career. And even though it’s a career in its baby stages, it’s carrying me through the highs and lows, which is all I could ever ask for.

Summer is saying its last goodbyes and fall is coming. Everyone can feel the changes that come with it. I feel like this is not only the end of the season, but the end of a chapter and the beginning of new opportunities. I can feel it tingling on the surface of my skin. The excitement that bigger things are on the horizon, and so so close.

I’m a constant dreamer. And I also never give up. I’m sometimes starstruck with the things I’m reaching, and the new goals that lie ahead within sight. I’m touching the fabric of the things that used to be dreams, and it lets me know that we can follow our dreams. They lead us someplace magical. It’s not the easy road, but I can take the road less travelled. Because that’s what life is all about- discovering ourselves and living according to our calling, not someone else’s.


Top: Erin Wasson for Pacsun
Bra: Pacsun
Hat: Free People
Skirt: Azalea James
Boots: Bed Stu
Necklace: Spell
Cuff: Ohm Boho
Rings: Tribe Jewelry, Torchlight Jewelry, Dixi Jewelry























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  • Lovey says:

    What an incredible dream! I must know what camera you use– these photos are magnificent <3


  • The place are incredible!! And your outfits are so so great, love this post ♥

  • Samantha says:

    That is so inspirational. Dreaming is harder work than people realize, and it is so motivating to see this kind of dedication and effort to achieve those dreams. Stunning scenery and photos. You guys look incredible. And I love the Bed Stu booties.

    Samantha | http://www.besosfromamerica.com

  • Christine says:

    I love those photos! Your surrounding looks amazing…
    And I really like the changes fall brings. It’s definitely my favorite season. 🙂

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