SEEN Magazine Interview

Some of you may have seen my post on Instagram about my SEEN Magazine feature, but I finally got the pages up on the blog here for you to read the interview! I talk a bit about my life as a

French Countryside

As I explore new styles, I’ve been heavily inspired by everything French, past and present. The rich culture evident in their style, and certain je ne sais quoi, is definitely a real thing. If there’s one thing I’m picking up from their great

Desert Wildflower

I’ve been meaning to finish writing and editing my unreleased photos from our Spell ‘Sunset Road’ campaign, and it was perfect timing that they also released their latest collection ‘Revolver’! When doing the location scouting and research for this series,

Desert Oasis

Today I bring you a previously unreleased post from our travels in Tucson last summer! It was when we were shooting the Sunset Road campaign for Spell Designs, and this was one little pit stop we made for a segment

Mermaid Cove

Last night, I dreamt I was swimming in the sea under a pink evening sky. I was diving into each wave as they came in, the highlights on the water sparkling with the reflection of the cotton candy clouds. And all

Our Runaway Desert Elopement

One golden evening, a nomad and his gypsy escaped to Joshua Tree to elope in the desert… Some of you were wondering if this was our real elopement…. I have to be honest and say that it wasn’t, sadly! But the great

On the Road to Coachella – Part 2

Part 2 of our “On the Run” campaign for Sea Gypsies Summer 2016 is here! Including some of my favorite photos from our Joshua Tree look book. We camped in our airstream while shooting and filming for 3 straight days, marking

On the Road to Coachella – part 1

We are about to hit the road again, just mere days away from Coachella… where the desert sun shines, the palm trees sway, and the music plays all day and night! So it’s the perfect time to get to release part

Dreaming of Crystal Cove

By now you’ve probably seen photos all over the web of this beautiful tent we constructed on the beach. I’d had this idea for a while now, and wanted to bring my vision to life on the perfect beach. In

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