Thanks for the Memories

I don’t care how busy we might get during the holiday madness, I strongly believe in remembering what truly matters. It’s not only about being thankful once a year, but taking this time to be thankful with the rest of

Welcome to Korakia | part 1

Korakia, which I’ve dubbed my desert oasis, has been on my travel hit list since I found a photo of one of the daybeds and went on a mad hunt to find out where it was from. I was mystified

Poolside at Korakia

Lounging in the shade on the 115º degree day. When you’re at Korakia, you become one with the desert oasis. With Moroccan beauty at every turn, and moroccan music playing from every corner of the resort, you start to think

Alfred Tea Room, LA

I’m excited to birth a new series on the blog the I’ve been thinking of for a while. And with the 3rd anniversary of the blog being just the other day (November 5th), I feel it’s the perfect time to

Chasing Endless Summer | part 2

With Fall creeping in, I think of amber light, layered clothing, and cozy road trip vibes! For this shoot, named Gold Dust Woman, Sea Gypsies envisioned a more retro style, taking it back to the gold old 70’s. We decked

Chasing Endless Summer | part 1

Summer has ended and it’s hard to believe that this time last year was when we were first prepping our Airstream for full time life on the road. We had spent the summer living on the prairies of Arizona, exploring

Runaways in Love (part 2)

I finally bring you part 2 of our “Runaways in Love” series, AKA the Celestial Canyon campaign for Lovestrength! Josh and I both shot and modeled this together, and it was such a great opportunity to really capture our love. We put

Film Journal

There’s something about film that I’ve always loved. The way it captures the moment in it’s own unique way, seeing more of what the eye sees and recording a little bit more of the soul. Film photography works like this,

Be a Pioneer

“The empowered woman doesn’t wonder how she will fit in to society, or if she will be accepted. She stands apart, and she stands out. She seeks after her heart’s desires, knowing only there will she find a true life.” (-me)

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