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Poolside at Korakia


Lounging in the shade on the 115º degree day. When you’re at Korakia, you become one with the desert oasis. With Moroccan beauty at every turn, and moroccan music playing from every corner of the resort, you start to think maybe you woke up in a different part of the world. A peaceful place where fountains trickle around you, giant palm trees sway above you, and there are cushions and day beds everywhere to lounge on while escaping the sun. The sun bakes the ground so it’s too hot to walk around much, instead you are forced to stop doing and just sit and soak it in. The heat create a sauna-like effect, and I feel like I ended up in a trance-like meditation of pleasant acceptance.

It was the day after our shoot filming for Spell Designs Oracle collection, and both Josh and I were totally beat. We took to the pool like a couple of desert animals at the watering hole, and that little patch of shade under the umbrella became our little world while we recouped our energy. We were served a cheese platter with grapes and pistachios poolside, which was utter bliss after being on our feet the whole day before. I think sitting there in that moment, shrugging off all the craziness from the day before and clearing my mind, it was one of the happiest I’ve been in a while. Maybe it took enduring the desert heat and long shooting hours to get me to finally breathe. Everything before leading up to this day, and even after, was crazy busy with travels and work. So I often think back to my Perrier sipping, pistachio munching, palm tree gazing moment as one of my happy places. I hope to go back again soon!

Stay tuned for more amazing photos from Korakia and the Oracle shoot!









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