A Walk in the Gardens

If there’s one magical thing you have to witness at Versailles, it’s golden hour in the gardens. The pale palace is kissed with the setting sun over the lake, and suddenly the walls are turned to glowing gold, set against

8 Summer Trends to Obsess Over

The amazing thing about Paris is the fact it seems most trends are born there, and that city is always ahead of the curve when it comes to the details everyone will be loving this upcoming fashion season. While in

noir et blanc

Our second story flat in Montmartre became our little hideaway in the middle of the busy city, where vespas buzz up and down the streets day and night. I spent a lot of time people watching from our balcony, soaking in

Spring at Palais Royal

Entering the courtyard for the first time at Palais Royal was like a dream. We walked into the gardens, surrounded by columns and archways on all sides. A long walkway was lined by freshly bloomed trees. It was finally spring in

Paris Diaries

So much of Paris’s magic is found in the unplanned, spontaneous moments. Even though I had a month of photoshoots in the city, I still felt like I could never capture all the amazing things I saw. The world expanded

How I kept my skin fresh for Fashion Week

So everyone knows flying multiple hours on a plane, loosing sleep, landing in a foreign country, and harsh weather can make your skin do all sorts of weird things. I expected the worst for Paris fashion week, so I cam prepared.

Sarah Loven X Spell “Oracle”

Well, can you believe I completely forgot to publish this blog post?! How crazy! Life always seems to be moving so fast, I can hardly keep up! And with Spell launching all of their recent new lines, this shoot feels

Definitely Rose

Sometimes, just when you think things aren’t going your way, everything comes together to create magic. That’s what happened for this shoot. I had a dress I’d been waiting to style, a partnership with Bronzallure, and just a tiny bit of time

Korakia | part 2

We arrived at Korakia in Palm Springs right after the sun dipped behind the rocky mountain backdrop. The earth still radiated with a heat I’d never experienced before. I’ve been in Death Valley on the salt flats in the direct

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